Sep 14, 2016

ALLOBITCOIN: Buying Bitcoin by phone, sms or a simple call

12:10 PM Posted by Rico , 13 comments

Rating:  (4/5)

If you need a small amount of Bitcoin quickly AlloBitcoin is the site you need. For a dollar or two you can easily fund your wallet by phone with a simple call or sms.

All countries are accepted (Neosurf, Paypal, CB), but you can call or send a SMS only from the following list of countries: Great Britain (UK), Russia, Australia, Germany, France, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam. New countries will probably be added soon. You will soon also get Litecoin and Ethereum.

You can withdraw your funds from 2000 bits (0.000200000 BTC) after around 1/2 codes validated. All payments must be checked manually, but this is relatively fast (6 to 24 hours).

Sep 12, 2016

Get paid solving captchas, make easy dollars or Bitcoin

2:36 PM Posted by Rico , 11 comments

Rating:  (4/5)

I just tried 2Captcha, a service that pays you for every captcha solved. I'm so surprised of seeing appreciable rate, you can now get paid to solve captchas!

Earn 0.32 to $ 1.00/1000 CAPTCHAs solved. Withdraw at least $0.50 

How it works?
After a quick registration, you can start working. Click the "Start" button and a first captcha will load. Be sure to fill out the captcha correctly, repeated mistakes can cost you an account suspension. Once your captcha completed, click "Enter" and new captchas will scroll. You get paid from $ 0,5 by Paypal, WebMoney, PerfectMoney or Bitcoin.

How to earn more?
You can start by trying the 2Captcha software, it allows you to fill only Google Recaptcha ($ 1/1000). You can download this software here. Find referrals is a good way to increase earnings, they bring back 10% of what they earn!

Sep 10, 2016

Earn free Bitcoin with best paid to click sites

Getting paid to click has become a great way to earn free Bitcoin. Many users use PTC or bux because they are simple to understand and it's easy to earn a bit money.

On some paid to click sites, there are many other ways to complement your earnings, such as complete offers and tasks, watch videos and cumulate bonuses. But especially we advise you to use and share your referral link. Find referrals is a great way to quickly multiply your winnings.

#1st - Free4Faucet  (5/5) - 46 to 100+ satoshis/click
PTC with many ways to earn Bitcoin: paid clicks, Youtube PTC, GPT, Coinwall, games, Dogecoin & Bitcoin faucets. You can also create your own faucets rotator. Referral: 50% - Payout: 500 satoshis within 24 hours.

#2nd - BTCclicks  (4/5) - 75+ satoshis/click
A classic bux, with strong referral rate, you receive 80% of your direct referrals and you can also rent new. Premium membership gives you 200% of your clicks and 160% of those referrals.

#3nd - Bitcoinads  (4/5) - 180+ satoshis/click
New PTC with revenue share program set at 120%. You can invest the earned money, and receive 120% within 40 days. Payment from 0.001 BTC, 50% of your referrals earnings & 5% commission on purchases.
#4 RefBit  (4/5) - 60 to 95+ satoshis/click
coming soon


Sep 4, 2016

1000 satoshis per hour offered by PocketDice

Rating:  (4/5)

PocketDice is a simple dice game, you can start with the demo mode (fun) or use their faucet to start playing for free!

PocketDice is a reliable and serious betting site that has existed since 2015. The game is not different from another classic game of dice, two dice are thrown at each bet, followed by a total of 2 to 12. So you must bet or attempt to predict if the score is less than or greater than one of these numbers.


Join Pocket Dice and claim 1000 satoshis each hour to play dice for free. If you feel you are in your lucky day you can also make a deposit (no minimum required) and get a 100% bonus (careful though to confirm this bonus you must wager 700 times the amount of it) you can of course at any time choose to cancel this bonus.

Preview PocketDice game.

Dec 7, 2014

Earn 350 satoshis to 0.35 BTC/hour with

Rating:  (4/5) is a free faucet & lottery where you can claim between 300 satoshis & 0.33 BTC every 60 minutes. This is one of the best faucet in the world with over 3 million members!

Besides your bitcoin, you win at each draw 2 lottery tickets and 2 rewards points. The lottery draw takes place every weekend, it allows you to win up to several BTC, but there are only 10 winning tickets per week. Rewards points offers you access to a gift shop (Iphone, giftcards...) or you can exchange them (1 reward point = 12 satoshis). If you do not have the chance to have millions of lottery tickets, we recommend a small tip that will save you 4 rewards points (instead of 2 lottery tickets) every claim (see below.)

To benefit from these bonus points, you must go to "Profile" and click "Disable lottery tickets." If this option is checked, you will receive reward points instead of lottery tickets at a 1:1 ratio for all future FREE BTC rolls that you or your referrals play.

If you have hundreds of active referrals, try the lottery, with millions of tickets, your odds increase dramatically. You earn 50% from earnings of your referrals and 1 lottery ticket / 1 reward point per claim, so you can get 2 reward points using our trick. Earning a lot of RP can be a good method if you do not have a lot of referrals.